Mass Effect

This page contains no spoilers, and is a very vague overview of Mass Effect and Mordin.

The Mass Effect series is a trilogy of sci-fi themed RPG videogames. The games are created by Bioware - also known for Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, and the Dragon Age series - among others. Their games are known for their customisable player characters, the ability to make decisions in-game that affect the plot, and engaging storylines. Bioware games also usually come with a cast of compelling, well-written characters. The trilogy. is available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and Mass Effect 3 is also available on the WiiU.

Mass Effect begins in the year 2183. Humanity is set to become major players in the intergalactic community - despite being newcomers and some lingering hostility among some of the alien races. The player takes control of Commander Shepard - an elite soldier who is part of the Human Systems Alliance. The Commander is sent on a new, experimental spaceship called the Normandy to one of humanity's colonies known as Eden Prime to recover a Prothean beacon. The Protheans are a long extinct race who's technology is what allows the various races to travel at speed through the galaxy. It was the finding of Prothean technology on Mars thirty-five years prior to the start of the game that kickstarted humanity's leap into the intergalactic stage. However, the crew of the Normandy aren't the only ones interested in the beacon on Eden Prime, and starts off Commander Shepard's mission to save the galaxy.

(This isn't a very good synopsis. I do plan to expand this in the future.)

Mordin Solus

Mordin is a party member in Mass Effect 2, and one of the first characters the player can recruit. He is a salarian scientist and former member of the Special Tasks Group (STG) - an espionage organisation. But when the player first encounters him, he's healing people in a clinic. Mordin is a bag of contradictions at first, and his logic and way of thinking can seem cold. But there's far more to Mordin, and he's one of the most fascinating characters in the Mass Effect series (to me, at least). I hope in future to expand this site into a full fansite, so please forgive the subpar about page for now.